Movie Review3

Breaking Dawn-Part 2

Directed By: Bill Codon


  1. Kristen Stewart – is Bella Swan, a human who was turned into a vampire to survive her deadly vampire baby delivery.
  2. Robert Pattinson – is Edward Cullen, a vampire who is the husband of Bella and father of their baby.
  3. Jacob Black – is Taylor Lautner, a human who’s turning into a giant wolf. He imprinted to Bella and Edward’s baby. Meaning, he’ll do everything to protect her.
  4. Renesme Cullen – the half vampire half human baby of Bella and Edward Cullen, who’s destined to be  Jacob Black’s love interest.
  5. Alice Cullen – a vampire who can see the future based on the decisions others that had made.



Bella face  danger upon bearing her child to edrward, afraid that Bella might lost her life, Edward turned her into a Vampire by injecting his venom to her.

Everything went well but as Bella gave birth to their child Renesme to whom Jacob is imprinted with, the Volturi learned that Renesmee is half human and half vampire they thought that the Cullen’s committed a mistake so they decided to punish them.

But with the help of other  Vampires and werewolves they able to save their Family.


Positive Points

  • The Story is Good because the viewers were able to feel what the writer wanted her viewers to feel.
  • The Director is Great, he’d able to show what the viewers expected to be seen upon watchinh the movie.
  • The Graphics and editing is magnificient.
  • The Actors and Actress portrayed their role very well, as if they are not just acting but they are real .

Negative Points

No Flaw J


5 Reel points! Excellent!


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