Movie Critique2

The Healing

Chito S. Rono




Seth- Vilma Santos

–          The one who helped her friends and  brought them to the Faith Healer.


Cookie- Kim Chui

–          Step daughter of Seth who also asked for her help.


Jed- Martin Del Rosario

–          Seth’s son.


Manang Elsa- Daria Ramirez

–          The Faith Healer.



The story is about the woman who brought her father to the faith healer, her father then was cured from stroke and when their neighbors knew about it, they asked for her help and even his son Jed to help his half sister cookie.

But that time Manang Elsa is incapable to  heal and she force herself because of it the curse started.

One by one those people she heal died upon seeing their doppelganger.

Positive Points:

The story is good, it show a Filipino culture.

The Director is very remarkable, he able to scare the audience.

The Characters portrayal and it’s development makes the film unforgettable.

This film gives significance in symbolism like the crow which symbolizes death and the sky which symbolizes the end of the curse.

Critiquing points:

Though the film has a good story and character portrayal, it seems that it lacks in special effects that make its viewers shiver.

Rate: 4



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