A Snapshot of Her


I still remember my first day in College; I was lost knowing that I have to deal with new teachers, new people, and new classmates.

I noticed this girl when I go to the bathroom, she has a shoulder length straight cut hair, wearing T-shirt and shorts, at first I was kind of irritated on how she walks, how she carry herself as if she’s somewhat boastful.

Maybe it’s destiny that brings us together when we became group mates in one of our subject. I believe that who comes and goes in our lives has its role to be played and those people are destined to be part of us whether we like it or not.

We got along together, she’s easy to be with and humble a very opposite of my first impression to her, every time she talks she laughs at the end of her statement, when she’s amaze or surprise her big eyes is bulging as if it will fall out of its socket and it makes me laugh.

When this girl jokes she’s moving her head left to right and she’s dancing like a hip-hop, she pronounces ‘R’ as ‘ER’ instead of ‘AR’. I love to watch her reaction every time she saw her crush, she looks like a tamed puppy, face dripping with sweat, smiling secretly, putting her lips together then she’ll whisper “oh my God, Valle!”

This Girl is secretive, she don’t usually share her problems with me, but I know she have one when she’s silent and her eyes are red and swollen from crying but when you ask her if she cried, she will not admit it.

She loves fashion, in fact she’s a die hard fan of Camille Co, she wears match-up outfits, she always experiments on her get-ups and she loves to say points on other’s outfit in a nice way.

I’m older that her but she acts like she’s older than me, she makes her eyes big when she’s scolding me or threatening me.

I Love this girl because she knows the true meaning of a friend without shouting or boasting it and I know she’ll surely always be at my side during my darkest hours rest assured, she will never leave me until the sun shines on me again. She’s one of my ladder’s steps-she’s Stephanie Grace Reloj.


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