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My Hilarious three years in Polytechnic University of the Philippines


By: Rose Valle D. Jaspe






High School life is too attached to every one of us that we thought we are not ready to enter a new world, but as we set our foot to something new, we feel the urge to discover and explore.




I’m proud of being a PUPian because I’d able to pass its College Entrance Examination and I’ve met different people with unique qualities.




My First year in PUP is somewhat boring that’s why I come up to an idea that I’ll transfer at the end of the school year but as days go by I cope up with its system, then  someone told me that I should have an organization because you can’t survive college without it.




Because of those words I tried to audition to different organization such as Teatro Kumonikado and Pep Squad but then I got rejected in TK and I didn’t pursue the PEP Squad because it gave me body pain then one day I saw a post in the lobby that The Communicator is having a qualifying examination so I tried it and lucky I pass the examination.




My adventurous college life started when I enter the college publication and because of it I met different people whom I consider as brothers and sisters and I learn to love the publication itself that I dedicate my spare time working on it.




My hilarious three years in PUP is because of the different people I met and because of unconditional love that I have for the The Communicator. 




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