Revolution is Struggle

     The scorching heat of sun beat my skin as I enter the Commonwealth Avenue; I see colours of flags swaying with the rhythm of the wind, above all; the green flag caught my attention.

      I breathed heavily as I approach the crowd. This may be my first time; afraid though, I have already made up my mind.

     There’s no turning back, I heard the shout, shout of bravery and I ran with them,

Following the built of people in front of me, I lost inside the wave of shouts and agitation.

     The stones fly above my head and I started to run; following the flow that crushing my body; I exhaled and gathered all the bravery I had and started to run towards the crowd of policemen.

     I heard someone shout to retreat, so I followed, but upon looking at my back, I saw my companions lying on the street and this policemen who were supposed to protect them, are those who hurt them.

     I never expect that I will become part of this unforgettable SONA of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III, I was there, I was one of those who shouted for the true ‘Tuwid na Daan’ his promise which a straight way that still blooded up to now.

     All I ever wanted is to be heard, but those Policemen tried to stop me; when could I ever speak?  When I know that I already can; if they won’t let me.




Taken 2


Bryan Mills

–          A retired Intelligence Agent.


Kim Mills

-Bryan’s daughter



-Bryan’s Ex-wife


–          Chief of the Albanian Mafia and head of  the kidnappers



The story of Mills which is being held by Albanian Mafia but still manages to help his daughter to escape from her abductors.


Positive Points:

 The Director is stylistic and experimental, full of gratified expectation and delayed expectation.


The story is very smooth, thrilling and dramatic, you can actually feel the father’s love towards his daughter.


The special effects is perfectly executed as well as the portrayal of each characters.


Critiquing Points:


There is no cheated expectation, you can actually guess the ending.


Rate: 5



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Movie Critique2

The Healing

Chito S. Rono




Seth- Vilma Santos

–          The one who helped her friends and  brought them to the Faith Healer.


Cookie- Kim Chui

–          Step daughter of Seth who also asked for her help.


Jed- Martin Del Rosario

–          Seth’s son.


Manang Elsa- Daria Ramirez

–          The Faith Healer.



The story is about the woman who brought her father to the faith healer, her father then was cured from stroke and when their neighbors knew about it, they asked for her help and even his son Jed to help his half sister cookie.

But that time Manang Elsa is incapable to  heal and she force herself because of it the curse started.

One by one those people she heal died upon seeing their doppelganger.

Positive Points:

The story is good, it show a Filipino culture.

The Director is very remarkable, he able to scare the audience.

The Characters portrayal and it’s development makes the film unforgettable.

This film gives significance in symbolism like the crow which symbolizes death and the sky which symbolizes the end of the curse.

Critiquing points:

Though the film has a good story and character portrayal, it seems that it lacks in special effects that make its viewers shiver.

Rate: 4


Movie Review3

Breaking Dawn-Part 2

Directed By: Bill Codon


  1. Kristen Stewart – is Bella Swan, a human who was turned into a vampire to survive her deadly vampire baby delivery.
  2. Robert Pattinson – is Edward Cullen, a vampire who is the husband of Bella and father of their baby.
  3. Jacob Black – is Taylor Lautner, a human who’s turning into a giant wolf. He imprinted to Bella and Edward’s baby. Meaning, he’ll do everything to protect her.
  4. Renesme Cullen – the half vampire half human baby of Bella and Edward Cullen, who’s destined to be  Jacob Black’s love interest.
  5. Alice Cullen – a vampire who can see the future based on the decisions others that had made.



Bella face  danger upon bearing her child to edrward, afraid that Bella might lost her life, Edward turned her into a Vampire by injecting his venom to her.

Everything went well but as Bella gave birth to their child Renesme to whom Jacob is imprinted with, the Volturi learned that Renesmee is half human and half vampire they thought that the Cullen’s committed a mistake so they decided to punish them.

But with the help of other  Vampires and werewolves they able to save their Family.


Positive Points

  • The Story is Good because the viewers were able to feel what the writer wanted her viewers to feel.
  • The Director is Great, he’d able to show what the viewers expected to be seen upon watchinh the movie.
  • The Graphics and editing is magnificient.
  • The Actors and Actress portrayed their role very well, as if they are not just acting but they are real .

Negative Points

No Flaw J


5 Reel points! Excellent!

On The Bright Side.

Girl on the Contrary

So, I lost the family kickball game on Thanksgiving. Actually, not only did my team lose, I ended up in a duck pond up to my knees in cold water and what I suspect to be quicksand to retrieve the ball that Captain Thoughtful kicked in there. On the bright side, it totally counted as a home run so that part was worth it. On the other bright side, Grammy didn’t play at all, so I didn’t lose to her which is what matters the most.
On the brightest side. Grammy has given me her blessing to start blogging about her again after she read my post about playing her in kickball. The exact conversation went something like this…
Grammy: Your Mother read me the post you wrote about me.
Me: See, the thing is, Mom made that up herself. I had nothing to do with it. My…

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Marc Gasol crosses himself while pleading his case to a referee (VIDEO)


[nbcsports_video src= service=youtube width=590 height=332]

Marc Gasol was called for a double-dribble violation late in the fourth quarter of the Grizzlies win over the Lakers on Friday. He swore he didn’t do it, but the replay showed otherwise, which is no big deal … except for the way he gestured to the referee while attempting to proclaim his innocence.

Gasol crossed himself while pleading his case to the official, a comically over-the-top gesture that seemed to intimate that he was swearing to God that he didn’t do what the referee thought he had seen.

After Gasol sees the replay — shown in the video clip above in slow motion at the 41 second mark — it’s likely that some Hail Marys will be in order, at the very least.

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A Snapshot of Her


I still remember my first day in College; I was lost knowing that I have to deal with new teachers, new people, and new classmates.

I noticed this girl when I go to the bathroom, she has a shoulder length straight cut hair, wearing T-shirt and shorts, at first I was kind of irritated on how she walks, how she carry herself as if she’s somewhat boastful.

Maybe it’s destiny that brings us together when we became group mates in one of our subject. I believe that who comes and goes in our lives has its role to be played and those people are destined to be part of us whether we like it or not.

We got along together, she’s easy to be with and humble a very opposite of my first impression to her, every time she talks she laughs at the end of her statement, when she’s amaze or surprise her big eyes is bulging as if it will fall out of its socket and it makes me laugh.

When this girl jokes she’s moving her head left to right and she’s dancing like a hip-hop, she pronounces ‘R’ as ‘ER’ instead of ‘AR’. I love to watch her reaction every time she saw her crush, she looks like a tamed puppy, face dripping with sweat, smiling secretly, putting her lips together then she’ll whisper “oh my God, Valle!”

This Girl is secretive, she don’t usually share her problems with me, but I know she have one when she’s silent and her eyes are red and swollen from crying but when you ask her if she cried, she will not admit it.

She loves fashion, in fact she’s a die hard fan of Camille Co, she wears match-up outfits, she always experiments on her get-ups and she loves to say points on other’s outfit in a nice way.

I’m older that her but she acts like she’s older than me, she makes her eyes big when she’s scolding me or threatening me.

I Love this girl because she knows the true meaning of a friend without shouting or boasting it and I know she’ll surely always be at my side during my darkest hours rest assured, she will never leave me until the sun shines on me again. She’s one of my ladder’s steps-she’s Stephanie Grace Reloj.